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Diploma in Graphic Design, Visualization & Photography

Diploma Course in Graphic Design, Visualization & Photography is a professional level Graphic Designing course in Noida conducted by the most reputed Graphic Design institutes in Noida.
It covers all the key aspects of graphic designing needed to build a communication Design portfolio. Graphics Designing Training Course is structured to the job descriptions and job functions of corporate, commercial and industrial graphic Design. Take a free demo Class of our graphics course today and begin your journey towards becoming a professional level Graphic Designer.

The main objective of the Diploma Course in Graphic Design, Visualization & Photography” is to build professional communication designers to meet the high demands and standards of the corporate Design Industry. It incorporates Basic and Advanced training in Graphic Design, visualization as well as elements and concepts of photography. It is a 100% practical course.


  • Graphic Design Principles and Elements
  • Digital Photography
  • CG applications and Advertising
  • Doodling and visualization techniques
  • Digital Lay-outing Design
  • Portfolio and Placement.

Programme Outline:

Normal Track
Course Duration:
12 months
Schedule: 2 Hour/5 Days a week

Module 1

  • Elements & Principles Of Design
  • Design & Culture
  • Typography I
  • Illustrations art
  • Basics Of Photography
  • Colour Theory
  • Packaging Design I
  • Case Studies & Workshops
  • Projects

Module 2

  • Design Process & Research
  • Typography II
  • Color for Designers
  • Identity Design
  • Material Exploration & Image Development
  • Advanced Raster techniques. Creating collages, image manipulation, correction etc.
  • Publication Design (Negative & positive balance, Page layout, Brochure, Catalogue, Newspaper etc.)
  • Print Advertising
  • Photography II (Product Shoot)
  • Case studies and Projects.
  • Portfolio Refining with CG(Level 1)

Module 3

  • Printing technologies
  • Prepress & Production
  • Advance Layout & production
  • Advertising II
  • Photography III (Model Shoot)
  • Self Identity project
  • Independent Research on chosen subjects (3000 words Essay on the same topic)
  • Portfolio Refining with CG(Level 2)

Module 4

  • Decoding design briefs
  • Live Projects (2)
  • Portfolio Refining with CG(Level 4)
  • Presentation & Communication Skills
  • CV & Profile development
  • Portfolio Clinic sessions with experts
  • Mock Interviews
  • Final Placements


  • Branding Portfolio and Case Study
  • Logos and Company Identities for a corporate communication.
  • Typography Portfolio and letter form study
  • Advanced image manipulation techniques complied as before and after.
  • Photography -I and shoot for table top
  • Photography -II and Portfolio
  • Colour Theories and Design based on colour theories
  • Packaging Designs and Prototype
  • Posters, Danglers, POPs, Leaflets, Menu cards, Invitation & Greetings etc.
  • Newspaper Design and Info graphic Designs
  • Digital Design and designing for web and tablets

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