Digital Photography courses

WHY EVAN Multimedia ?
Evan Multimedia's photography Course helps you acquire the practical skills necessary to become a professional photographer. With this course, you gain in-depth knowledge of the working of DSLRs, studio lighting, outdoor photography, and image editing techniques. A hands-on, project-oriented approach helps you build a substantial portfolio that will showcase your photography skills.

Designed for: Serious hobbyist, amateurs wanting to take photography as a career, Beginners with preliminary know how of the basic of Photography, a thorough understanding of controls of the camera and how to achieve a creatively correct exposure.

It’s time to go from taking snaps to understanding Photography as you may be familiar that an Art can never be taught.

The course is based on the hands on approach to photography which makes you confident in your shoots. The next level of learning deals with various topics like advanced exposure techniques, studio lighting, night photography, functions of the camera, etc. which will help you to grow as professional photographer.

The course aims to make you thorough in digital photography to enable you to start working professionally.


  • Introduction to Photography
  • Introduction to Camera
  • Various types of Lenses
  • Shot, Camera Angle and Movement
  • Lightning
  • Indoor/ Outdoor shoot
  • Various Equipments
  • Dolly, Jimmy Jib, Trolley etc.
  • Photoshop

Programme Schedule

Normal Track
Course Duration: 2 months
Schedule: 3 Hour/3 days a week