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Diploma in VFX

The several skills taught in a hands-on, production-style environment at Evan Multimedia Academy, this course gives students masters of the VFX process, making them full fledged VFX professionals.

VFX Professional is a combination of 3D Advanced and Compositing. The highlight of the course is a one month specialization at the end of the program. Students sometimes work directly on live projects. So, by the time you finish the course, you already have real-time production experience, and more importantly, credits to include in the demo reel.

Our intense program is designed to get you into the industry quickly with the skills you need to launch your career. Looking for work in the film, television, VFX industry? Join the hundreds of artists who got their start at the Visual Effects courses. The Visual Effects production is experiences an escalation of creating exciting career opportunities to young creative and innovative professionals. Join with VFX Training Institutes in Noida, Evan Multimedia Academy.


  • Concepts of Compositing
  • Rotoscoping
  • Mattes/Channels
  • Color Correction
  • Match moving
  • Matt Painting
  • Camera tracking
  • 3D Compositing
  • Tracking/Stabilization
  • Paint/Wire and Rig Removal
  • Blue/Green Screen Keying
  • Particle System
  • Morphing
  • Grain Management
  • Film Compositing in 2K/4K

Programme Outline:

Normal Track
Course Duration:
12 months
Schedule: 2 Hour/5 Days a week

Module 1.: Commercial & Digital Illustrations

  • Visual communication
  • Laws of Design
  • Pre-production using Scribbling and mock-ups
  • Vector Illustrations
  • Vector Vs. Raster
  • Colour Schemes and Theories
  • Gestalt Psychology of Design
  • Hierarchy of importance in a design
  • Packaging Design
  • Typography
  • Case Studies and Project.

Module 2. Advanced Artistry and Layout

  • Advanced Raster techniques
  • Creating collages and masks,
  • Adv. Image manipulation techniques
  • Image correction techniques
  • Designing Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Newspapers etc.,
  • Designing for publications
  • How Advertising agency works
  • Client brief to execution
  • Case studies and Projects.

Course Description
Visual Effects (abbreviated VFX) involves in integrating a computer-generated Live Action Footage(special effects) to a video.
Over decade’s visual effects was the hurdle task of expense and time for every Film Maker. But not anymore... Advancing in the technology of visual effects industry developed multiple applications. Which helps visual effects professional to create and manage the effects in flexible easy actions?
The visual effect films which released in recent years completely changed the imaginations of people and develop a scope of a bright career for visual effects professionals.
We as an animation company designed a real-time Visual Effects training program in a combination of 04 major concepts Rotoscope, Painting, Tracking and Composting. which involves almost everything in visual effects to build a high-quality video.
Each concept itself an in-depth topic needs a hands-on practice on regular basis to become a visual effects professionals.
Course Benefits
Visual effects training program is designed based on the placement requirements among the industry.
We focus to make your hands dirty on real-time updated visual effects applications more than just a classroom training. Working on live projects leads to a real time visual effects experience.
By the time you finish the visual effects training program will be ready to perform the 70% of industry requirements.
What else do you require to become a Visual effect professional - Now it's the to enrol into the Visual Effects training program to dream the right career path.

Why EVAN Multimedia?
We craft specialists
We know what the industry wants and that is why the innovative specialization based training at EVAN Multimedia isdesigned to craft and polish your skills so you can stand out from the crowd as an expert because after all, a polished diamond is worth more than a bagful of uncut rocks!
We get you to where it matters
We know how to focus your energies on developing the right set of skills so that you follow your passion and become what you've always wanted to be. The curriculum of EVAN Multimedia stands a class apart from the rest and ensures that you get to where it matters.
We flaunt the best of instructors
Just as no worthy building can last on a weak foundation, the core of a strong animation & visual effects programme are its instructors. At EVAN Multimedia, we're proud of the team of professional instructors at our institute who bring their experience, innovation and creativity to each lecture.
We train and teach & not senselessly preach...

An animation & visual effects course should not only teach you the tools of the trade but should first excite your right brain and ignite your creativity. Which is why at EVAN Multimedia , you can trust our courses and expert mentors to train and teach and not senselessly preach. 

Our wide experience and knowledge of the animation industry as a leading 3D animation institute gives us the edge when it comes to offering specialized training. Through an innovative and personalized approach we craft and polish your skills to hone you into a complete animation expert. Right from the curriculum design to our hand picked team of professional instructors to the strong infrastructural support of our animation institute, we ensure a blend of innovation and creativity to add new dimensions to your abilities and enhance your learning experience